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Exemption Certificates

Properly completed exemption certificates, REV-1220, which provide a valid reason for exemption and are accepted in good faith, relieve the vendor from the collection of tax.  As a policy, we have are requesting that you resubmit a completed REV-1220 form annually to ensure our records are up to date.

Exemption certificates are required to substantiate all exempt sales with the exception of the following: 

  1. Sales to the federal government and its instrumentalities, and

  2. Sales where delivery is required to be made outside of the Commonwealth.

Documentary evidence must be retained by the seller on these transactions.

Fill In and Print and/or Email REV-1220 Form

This form allows you to fill in the form on the computer and print a copy.  If you have the ability to create an Adobe PDF file, you may print your copy to a PDF file and then email your completed PDF file to us at redbarn@ptd.net if desired.  We recommend that you also email a copy to yourself so you can be sure that the completed form was actually sent.

Print & Manually complete REV-1220 Form

  1. Mail one copy to:

Trim Tree Nursery,6510 Rt 422 Hwy West, Indiana, PA 15701

-or- Fax at 724-465-9456

  1. Retain one copy for your records.


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