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Attract birds to your garden with these plants.


Attract and retain butterflies to your garden by providing the source of food for all stages of development.

Cut Flowers

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap"...Now that the garden has been planted, and your perennials are producing beautiful blooms, colors, and sweet fragrances...do you find yourself wondering what to do with all of your flowers?  One of the best things about gardening is sharing...

Some people may accuse you of trying to imitate a well-known American female perfectionist in gardening, decorating, gourmet cooking (no names need be mentioned) as you fill your home with beautiful bouquets of fresh cut flowers from your garden...let them accuse!  A garden filled with perennials especially grown for cutting will give you a season of gratification and will beautify your home.  Arrange flowers for every room in your home and especially the patio, or take a fresh cut bouquet to a friend (not just when they are sick!) and be ready for instant praise!  Remember to continue to dead-head the garden of old blooms so the plants produce new blooms over the season.  We have included a list of our favorite perennials for cutting.  My grandfather always took a fresh bouquet of flowers to church every Sunday and placed them near the altar, creating sweet memories of him for many people...

Drought Tolerant

These perennials have been proven to perform well under drought conditions.  Although they may not look their best under severe conditions, they 'survive' the stress to reward you with blooms for years to come.





Hummingbird favorites from the perennial garden.

Moist, well drained soil

Full Sun, moist soil

Perennials that LOVE moist sites


These perennials perform best in 'shady' areas.

Full Sun

Perennials that perform 'best' in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. (6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day).


If you were looking for something in particular and have not found it in these preference lists, please email us your suggestions.


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